Bethany G.

I have always dreamt of witchcraft and communing with the curiosities which are so elusive to our waking life. Growing up I was infinitely curious about what was beyond the veil, what were the bumps in the night, the orbs in the garden, that scary feeling in the upstairs closet? How could I be psychic? I felt far removed at the time but as I grew and learned about the Earth paths I came to realize how full of magick I had always been. I guess making circle around a tree at recess and channeling civil war soldiers wasn’t normal. Who knew?

Through a series of divinely synchronous events I came to realize I could sense the energetic shifts surrounding different crystals and gemstones. This tangible feeling and connection I had was only the first domino to fall in a line of dancing rectangles that ultimately pulled me to study different sects of Paganism, ultimately introducing me to the realm of Shamanic studies. Through utilizing a mixture of Shamanic practices, light work, magickal tools, chakra healing, psychic development, and Western modalities I am happy to offer a unique perspective on our existence that continues to evolve with my work.

I live blissfully in Denver, Colorado with my husband, 3 dogs, and fluffy black cat. I am vegan and find my happy place in creating beautiful things out of any medium I can get my hands on, but am most frequently painting with acrylic or watercolor and drawing with ink and paper or taking pictures. When I’m not working as an apprentice herbal alchemist in a local metaphysical center, of course!

Please visit our Contact page for reading inquiries. Stay tuned for Denver locale workshop announcements!


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