Alanna C.

I have been a practitioner of various forms of the craft since I was too young to remember. I did not know what to call it until I was about eight years old, when I found a book in my brother’s room about Wicca. Ever since then I have learned more about the Craft as a whole as well as the history of witchcraft in my family.

I am an eclectic practitioner of magic focusing mostly on Hedge Witchcraft and hereditary magic. Being that my family background is primarily from Scandinavia, the UK and the Mediterranean I call on Deities from the Nordic, Celtic, Greek and Roman pantheons. Because of the strong line of magic in my blood I have always been psychic, as a child I would play with faeries, speak with ancestral spirits, and leave my body when I slept to go dance in the clouds and count the stars. I never really thought this wasn’t normal since no one in my family ever questioned me when I talked about asking the resident ghosty to keep the noise to a minimum at night.

I live in Colorado with my wonderful boyfriend and our two cats. I love to help others learn not only about the various paths of magic, but about themselves and the power they hold within. I love to write, read cards, cast crystals, and do my regular kitchen and garden witchery.

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