Who are we?

The molecules that make up matter as we know it are not defined by the matter itself, but by the space between those zipping and buzzing particles of stardust. It is the space that defines us and within that lies our being.

Salem’s House was created as a harbor for applicable philosophies and experiential faith. Though mutually eclectic in nature we have a diverse approach to the craft. Alanna Croak focuses on hedgewitchery with an emphasis on ancestral magick. Bethany Guerin is a lightworker with a passion for shamanism and explorative meditation. In both you will find an enthusiasm for different reading styles, faiths, paths, crystals, cultures, helping others, and finding new ways to experience life. You are invited to join us in this cosmic journey to become more aware and humbled.

In Love and Light,

Alanna and Bethany


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