Sand in the Jar

This is a cross between a ritual and a meditation. The items you will need can be found at any craft or garden supply store. A large jar, river stones that could be used as a palm stone or worry stone, smaller pebbles, a marker (optional), and sand.

The concept behind this came from an event I attended at work last Friday. While the discussion is more of an interactive, free-flow style, the overall theme of the evening was perspective. I threw the word “sand” into the air and the two moderators channeled the deeper meaning of the word. One of the women started speaking about not letting the little things fill our lives to the point that nothing good can get through. She brought up that our lives are like a jar, they can only hold so much. This sparked something in me, and I decided to take what she said and turning into something tangible.

To start, take the river stones and examine each one carefully. Feel how smooth it is from its time in the water. Think of something in your life that was important, an achievement, a loss that changed you for the better, something you consider significant to who you are as a person, for better or worse. Take the energy of that moment and pour it into the stone. If you want to use the marker to write down the date or a note about the event, feel free to do so. You might even want to draw a plus sign on the stones that hold positive memories, and minus signs on the ones that hold sad or negative memories. If you don’t want to include sad or difficult times, that is fine. Use this to develop your intuition and do what you feel guided to do.

Once you have finished energizing the river stones, place them into the jar, one at a time until they are all inside. The jar looks pretty full, doesn’t it? There are still some areas that are empty, which is where the pebbles come into play. The pebbles are some of the smaller things that happen to us in our day to day lives. Someone making a rude comment to us, or a complement we were not expecting from a stranger. These things have an impact on us, though that impact is much smaller than those we put into the river rocks. Take the time to think of some of the smaller things that have happened to you, like way back in high school when the person you thought couldn’t stand you said something wonderful about you, or how that one teacher you had in grade school was the absolute worst! The energy you put into the pebbles should be the energy of the events that, while somewhat significant, take time or a specific setting for you to remember.

The next step in this is to take the pebbles and pour them into the jar. I would pour in as many as you could until it was almost full. Close the lid of the jar and shake it a little so that the pebbles can drop farther down into the jar. Put the jar back down and pour some more pebbles into the jar until you can’t fit anymore pebbles. The jar looks pretty much full, doesn’t it? I’m sure if you look again you will find that there is still plenty of room in the jar in between the river stones and the pebbles. It is only natural for there to be some gaps, the river rocks and pebbles are not meant to fit together like a puzzle, they are meant to mingle and support each other.

Now that the pebbles and river rocks are in the jar, take the package of sand and think of all of the tiny, little things that happen almost every day. The people who cut you off in traffic, the grocery store having just enough of what you need, the person who holds the door for you at work every morning, and the person who doesn’t hold the door for you at night. Think of all of these little ups and downs, and think about the charge of energy you want in your life. If you want a balance between the positive and negative, think of one wonderful thing and one not-so-pleasant thing in pairs. If you want more positive, then focus on the complements and smiles from strangers, while letting the negative go. If you want more negative energy, by all means, focus on the spilt milk, and the stubbed toes, while letting the positive go.

When you feel the sand has collected enough energy, start pouring it into the jar, a little bit at a time, shaking the jar every so often to ensure that it gets all the way to the bottom of the jar. Once the jar is full of sand – make sure you can still close the jar! – look at how much space each thing takes up. The river rocks take up the majority of the space; do they hold more positive or negative energy, or is it a balance? Next are the pebbles, and they take up space, what kind of a charge do they hold? After the pebbles was the sand, and that also takes up some room, though not as much as the river stones or the pebbles.

Think about the overall charge of the jar. Is it more positive, negative, or balanced. There is no wrong answer, if you feel that the jar has more negative energy, all that means is that you might want to start looking at things in a different light. If you like things on the negative end of the spectrum, that is fine also. Many people find it easier to see light when they are in darkness themselves. After you have assessed the jar, I want you to think of how the jar would look if we had filled the jar backwards, starting with the sand and ending with the river rocks.

I hope that you found this a helpful exercise in understanding your perspectives. Would you like to see more articles like this? Leave a comment or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

Hidden in the Sands

~ A


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