Rose Shield as a Defensive Technique

For most people, when the word “shielding” is brought up in the realm of magic and metaphysics, they conjure an image in their head of either being behind an actual shield, wearing a suit of impenetrable armour, or sitting behind a two-way mirror that only they can see out of. All of these are wonderful visualisations to do when it comes to blocking negativity from getting at you. But what about times when you are dealing with a particular person, or a persistent energy that just won’t go away? Well, that is what this visualization is for!

This is not from my own brain, a gentleman who comes into the shop where I work told me about it and that he’s been doing it for years. So thank you to that particular customer for gifting me this knowledge to pass on to you lovely weavers of the craft.

This type of shield is not meant to be something that you “hide” yourself and your energy behind, instead it is a way of raising your frequency and keeping the karmic energies in your favour while also getting people to back off. For this shield, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Imagine a rosy hued light emanating from your heart center. Allow it to grow not just outward from the front of you, but through your back as well. Breathe deeply as you continue to make the light ball bigger. By the end of this step, the rosy see-through bubble should completely encompass you including the ground beneath your feet.
  2. Once you have the bubble completely around you, feel the stems of a rose bush growing from the bottom of the bubble, you can make the roses as big and as colourful as you want to, in fact, if you want someone to be friendlier imagine the roses being yellow for friendship, red for love, blue for tranquility, white for purity, and black for protection.
  3. Once the flowers have encompassed the bubble, still allowing you to see through the bubble, allow the thorns to come out.
  4. After you have your bubble and roses as you like them, practice being able to conjure the shield at will as quickly and completely as you can. The faster you can do this the more useful it will be.
  5. When you get into a situation with a person that makes you uncomfortable, bring this shield up as quickly as you can, and let them keep pushing, all the while being kind to them (that is probably the most difficult part of this), every time they push on the shield, imagine the bubble getting a little bit bigger, filling with love and light and positivity, and a little bit closer to the thorns. The more they push and try to make you uncomfortable or upset, the bigger the bubble will get until it pops from being punctured on the thorns and once it has been punctured imagine all of the unconditional love and light flooding into that person’s personal space.

This is a great shield for kids and teen who might be experiencing bullying. This shield is meant to get people to leave you alone by allowing you to kill them with kindness not only with your physical words and actions, but with your energy as well. The more you use it the more likely it will be that the person will begin to leave you alone.

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Blessings and Protection to you,

~ A


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