Thunder Moon Ritual

Full Moon 10:07 p.m. MST

Magick can be done for the day before and after the full moon as well.

The July 9th Full Moon, known as the Thunder Moon for the rolling rain clouds brought to American plains, is in Capricorn this year. This moon is also known as the Buck Moon, for the post-spring shedding of deer’s antlers across the North American continent. Being in Capricorn and so associated with grounded renewal, this is a great time to recalibrate your solar-GPS.

The recommended shamanic-inspired ritual will be perfect for analyzing and refreshing some goals that may have fallen by the wayside. Where would you like to be in your home life or career before year end? Have you any industrious pursuits that need tending to? Did you “fail” at something, only to leave the reattempt hanging in the mists of potentiality?

Now is the time to own your situation and blocks, breathe acceptance, plan well, and trudge forward with a sureness that you will succeed. In preparation for this ritual, write 1-5 goals that you need to recommit to.

Recommended Supplies:

-Frankincense incense or another temple-like or earth blend that you enjoy.

-Fulgurite, hypersthene, black kyanite, or clear quartz.

-White or brown candle.

-1-5 Goals on paper

Light your incense if you have it.

Bring yourself to a place of calm by 4-square breathing. IN 1234, HOLD 1234, OUT 1234, HOLD 1234 – Repeat.

Stand and face North. Take a deep breath and point your finger at the ground a few feet in front of you. Move counter clockwise and as you breathe visualize light coming from the base of your feet through your finger, creating a circle of light. Stop when you’re facing North.

Bend down and as you bring your hands from the ground to the sky say, “With love and divinity I raise the energy that be”

Allow yourself to feel this. Let your fingers and toes tingle. When you’re ready, sit and light your candle. Hold your stone in your left hand.

Bring yourself back to the 4-square breathing. When ready, close your eyes.

Imagine yourself on the top of a grassy hill. The breeze is warmed by the sun and you notice a heavy wooden door to your left. Turn and walk to it. Run your hands along the door, finding their way to the doorknob. CLICK-The knob opens the door and you step into the same scene but at nighttime during a thunderstorm.

Walk through the door and notice a box. Notice the shape, size, and texture of the box. Mentally review your 1-5 goals. Place your hands on top and state, “I commit to honor my highest self and am prepared for the insight waiting for me.” *Ask a question if you see fit*

Open the box. Analyze what is inside. This item will be a totem of insight. (This will mean different things to different people.)

Ask the totem any additional questions pertaining to the recommitment of your goals.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. Stand and raise your hands to the sky and state, “I thank thee and send energy back to Source” -Literally push hands from sky downward.-

Thank your divinity. Journal your experience and take action!


(Need help with understanding the meaning of the item in your box? Comment or contact us for help!)





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