Are You Grounded? A Clairvoyant Technique

Being grounded is that feeling you get when you walk barefoot on dewy green grass, sensing the breeze tickle your skin and the deepness of your chest expanding with every inhale. It is the feeling common to children, one of connectedness to the awe and wonder of simply being.

In an age where we find ourselves buffering our true existence with technology, the consequences run deep. You could experience everything from chronic crankiness, mental fatigue, and poor memory to lacking inspiration for a project or motivation for mundane tasks.

Ok, great, but that does seem pretty general in nature. Right? I mean…

You’re right! We will be dedicating plenty of content on chakras, energy healing, grounding techniques, psychic development, being an empath and how to cope. For now, I want to enable you to have the ability to know when you’re grounded and, if you’re not, get reconnected. And that is quite what it is, getting reconnected! The energy body that propels our physical body, our life force, can get “unplugged” from the energetic body of nature. For the purpose of this introductory exercise we will think of nature and our planet as One. What I lovingly refer to as “the net of being” is always available to us, static life that is here for us and no one.

The great thing about this technique is it serves you in MANY ways! At it’s core, it’s grounding. You use the canvas of your imagination to manipulate your subtle energies to reconnect to Source, God, Spirit, whatever you call your divinity, and expel buildup from stress and the auric fingerprints of other people. What I love most about this practice is it’s ability to provide you with a snapshot of how you’re doing while (BONUS alert!) helping you develop your clairvoyant abilities! This is one you can put in your spiritual toolbox!

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a fundamental practice and is essential if we are to maintain our connection to Source, let alone grow and build our abilities in any way.



-Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

-Bring your focus to your pelvis.

-Imagine something connected to the seat of your pelvis, we will call this your grounding cord. Picture it extending down to the floor, pushing deep into the earth. It tunnels through the Earth’s crust, through the molten mantle, and connects you to the Earth’s core.

-With every inhale you bring in light through this connection, with every exhale you send what does not serve you. Sit with this for as long or short a time as you need.




-The item connecting you, what is it?



Your imagination is a viewing screen for your intuition and psychic sight. When you imagine, you are accessing the energetic nature of the subject. In this case, it is yourself! So, what was your grounding cord? By allowing our grounding cord come to us by default, just picturing any “thing”, we receive an instant snapshot of how the energy body is doing.


Tree- Solid. I like it, stick with it. Being the solid and thick living beings they are, with roots reaching as deep as their limbs to the sky, they are the perfect grounding cord. If you immediately pictured a tree you likely have a tendency to keep connected. If your tree was healthy and at least as wide as your pelvis, good job! If your tree was something a little more spindly, unhealthy, or just on the small side I would look at those attributes and see how they play into my waking life. Am I unhealthy? Do I have low self esteem? Am I just in a funk?


Vine- While strong, vines are pliable. They’re rough, taut, and useful, but they simply are not an effective rod. It cannot hold you up. Are you stretched too thin? Do you say yes to things when you know you need a break?


Brick Tower- This would indicate you are very grounded. Depending on the nature of your fortress you can determine if you lean on the side of a whimsical window laden tower or a sad fortress of doom. I think you’re getting the picture by now, so if you’re someone who has a fortress you might want to consider some subconscious roadblocks you set and emotional walls you build around yourself. This type of hyperfocus on your root can hinder the flow of energy through the rest of your body. Where can you open a window in your life? How have you been closing out others or, more importantly, yourself?


Cloth, Rope, Thread, etc…- Knowing a tree is ideal, it is obvious that these are not suitable psychic tools for the purpose of grounding. What passions have you been neglecting? Do you feel financially unstable? Are you hanging on by a thread?

A young woman I know who gave this visualization a try had a very interesting result. She said her cord was a sash, it connected to Earth but was tied around her waist instead of her root. She has heavy things she works through, but this was a situation that needed some immediate grounding, causing me to advise against other magical working for the time being.


Blocked: This can happen. If you’re just having trouble imagining it, just practice. For some it isn’t second nature right away, don’t lose faith. If you imagine something like a broken chain, mist, or something else that cannot connect you to Source, you are simply ungrounded. This is something I’ve encountered by those with blocks from trauma, rigid social expectations, mental illness, and those who have entered the world of the esoteric practice without consideration for their needs in this plane. Divinity is bliss and when you learn to will it there can be the temptation to spend all of your time there. But balance is so important and it is essential our physical and emotional needs are met and validated before diving into psychic development, mediumship, trancework, and other moderate to advanced techniques. As for those of us with trauma and have, as we almost certainly all have, lived under unreasonable social expectations, you have the potential to heal. Take your block as a sign that you’re ready to remove it. You CAN feel better.

There was a woman I introduced this to and she relayed to me that as soon as her cord hit the ground it was like a big black barrier. It was impenetrable but seemed like a hole in the ground. Upon talking we discovered this was because of the expectations of the southern family she grew up in. For them anything “woo woo” or, heaven forbid, pagan would have been VERY taboo. She was ready to explore her spiritual side and let go of the baggage she carried for her family, so I helped her with a ritual to release.



-Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

-Bring your attention to your pelvis.

-Select a solid and strong grounding cord, something that resonates with you. If you select a tree imagine the roots sprouting from your pelvis and extending to the core of Earth. If you select an anchor, imagine it dropping to the core, keeping you in place. It doesn’t matter what it is, really, as long as it is hefty and resonates with you.

-Practice regularly.


What was YOUR grounding cord? I would love to hear that and any feedback you have or hangups you’d like assistance with! Please, comment or feel free to visit our contact page.




*Clairvoyance – Psychic sight, baby!

1:  the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses

2 :  ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception :  penetration The fortune-teller practices clairvoyance when she gazes into a crystal ball to see her client’s future.


~A note on star children: You may have trouble with Earth grounding. I recommend carrying a piece of moldavite or another meteorite/tektite to ground to the pleiades.


3 thoughts on “Are You Grounded? A Clairvoyant Technique

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! In my line of work I run into this so often. Everyone wants to open their third eye without understanding they need a foundation to start building on. Much like people who think they cannot meditate because they can’t clear their mind when no-mind is advanced, they should be focusing on points of consciousness.

      I hope you enjoyed the meditation!


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