Mercury Retrograde Decoy Jars

Ah Mercury retrograde, the most demonized retrograde out of all of them. Don’t get me wrong, Mercury retrograde can mess with me, but usually I just trip over my words and I have to pretend that I am Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty when Bruce gets his revenge. Some people, though, are not so lucky... Continue Reading →


Pearl Meditation

In this world of ours there are many things that can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, and other emotions that carry negative vibrations. A friend of mine made a comment about how clams take the sand that irritate them and turn them into something beautiful and positive. I absolutely loved this description and... Continue Reading →

Swamp Witch

I know what you’re thinking, what in the name of Gaia is a Swamp Witch? Well, it is actually fairly self-explanatory. A Swamp Witch is a witch who feels the most at home when working with the energies of swamps, bogs, and marshes. Now, most people have a very clear image in their head about... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Western Identity of the Divine

Do you have trouble praying to a pagan God under the shadow of a Christian past or find Paganism interesting but the idea of Omni theism a little baffling in the modern age? This article only begins to pull the curtain of our Western mindset from the window of perception and addresses many common internal difficulties new and revisiting pagans experience on their path.

A Thought on #witchbae

  Within the realm of Earth worship there are numerous paths one may explore. Most people are familiar with Wicca or may have heard of water witches or South American Shamans, yet there are also innumerable, less popularized paths and subsects of those belief systems. In following the rabbit hole of your own journey you... Continue Reading →

Rose Shield as a Defensive Technique

For most people, when the word “shielding” is brought up in the realm of magic and metaphysics, they conjure an image in their head of either being behind an actual shield, wearing a suit of impenetrable armour, or sitting behind a two-way mirror that only they can see out of. All of these are wonderful... Continue Reading →

Thunder Moon Ritual

Full Moon 10:07 p.m. MST Magick can be done for the day before and after the full moon as well. The July 9th Full Moon, known as the Thunder Moon for the rolling rain clouds brought to American plains, is in Capricorn this year. This moon is also known as the Buck Moon, for the... Continue Reading →

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