New Moon in Cancer Card Spread

With a New Moon in Cancer today, I thought about the connection to water that the sign Cancer holds as well as the connection the Moon carries. Being a water sign, Cancers are like geysers, one minute, everything is quiet and calm, and the next, there is a rush of energy - and then, as... Continue Reading →


Aries New Moon

This month’s New Moon in Aries is excellent for work revolving around energy work, willpower, and beginning new projects. Instead of giving you a ritual to do, I decided to give you some information about the things associated with this moon, in hopes of getting your creativity flowing so that you can create your own... Continue Reading →

Sand in the Jar

This is a cross between a ritual and a meditation. The items you will need can be found at any craft or garden supply store. A large jar, river stones that could be used as a palm stone or worry stone, smaller pebbles, a marker (optional), and sand. The concept behind this came from an... Continue Reading →

Libra Blue Moon Ritual

Being the second Blue Moon of 2018 - and the last Blue Moon until 2020 - this Full Moon is the perfect time to finish something that you have been putting off. Blue Moons are a fairly rare occurrence, thus they are a symbol of “rare opportunity” and a good time to take advantage of... Continue Reading →

Cloud Divination

Cloud divination may sound difficult at first, but it is actually quite simple and most likely one of the earliest forms of divination in existence. Similar to tea leaf readings, you are looking at the symbols and the context in which they appear in the sky. Many of us as children probably played games that... Continue Reading →

Inner Aphrodite Bath Ritual

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to focus on a type of love that seems to be overlooked all too often - self-love. There are plenty of inspirational quotes out there about self-love and people post about how important it is to the rest of one’s health, but few give any ideas... Continue Reading →

Ouija Boards

Imagine this: it’s just a few days before Halloween, and you get invited to a small party at a friend’s house. When you arrive that evening - in costume of course! - you see just a handful of your friends enjoying themselves in the living room with some snacks and soda and Monster Mash playing... Continue Reading →

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